Rebana Ketimpring

Rebana Ketimpring is the smallest type of tambourine in Betawi. The center line is only around 20-25 cm in size. In one group there are three tambourines. The names of the three tambourines are rebana Tiga (three), Empat (four), and Lima(five). Rebana Lima serves as a command flanked by the other tambourines. Ketimpring is also called Rebana Ngarak.

As the name implies, Rebana Ngarak functions to parade in a procession. Rebana Ngarak is usually played to enliven parades of bridegroom to the bride’s house. The song’s lyrics of Rebana Ngarak is usually a prayer. The prayer verse is taken from the maulid Syarafal Anam, Addibai, or Diiwan Hadroh. Because of such Ngarak function, Rebana Ngarak does not stay permanently in one place.