Cultural Tours

Cultural Tours is a showcase of Betawi traditional values. At Setu Babakan, you can enjoy various cultural activities such as :

  • Traditional music, dance and theatre performances in an open-air theater arena.
  • Dance, music, batik, traditional theatre workshops for children and teenagers.
  • Cultural processions (wedding ceremonies, circumcision, aqiqah, khatam Qur’an, seventh-month pregnancy, injak tanah, ngederes, and others)
  • Workshop of Betawi martial arts 
  • Home industry products (souvenirs, foods, snacks, beverages) including pletok beer, star fruit juice, kerak telor, laksa, toge goreng, gado-gado, soto, halibut, sayur asem, nasi uduk, nasi ulam, nasi begane, dodol, geplak, wajik, rangi, rengginang, tape, uli, lapis, talam, and onde.
  • Traditional Betawi activities: farming, fishing, freshwater fish farming.