Betawi Cultural Village

Betawi Cultural Village is an area in South Jakarta which showcases Betawi culture: arts, architecture, customs,  traditions, literature, folklores, clothing, culinary and others.

It is located at Srengseng Sawah Village, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, with an area of ​​about 289 hectares, adjacent to Jl. Mochammad Kahfi II and Jl. Desa Putra (Jl. H. Pangkat) to the North; Jl. Desa Putra (Jl. H. Pangkat), Jl. Pratama (East Mangga Bolong), Jl. Lapangan Merah (Red Square) to the East; close to the border of DKI Jakarta Province and Depok City to the South; and Jl. Mochammad Kahfi II to the West.

In the village, visitors can find tradional and daily activities of Betawi people such as : martial arts practice (Pencak Silat), Ngederes, Aqiqah, Injek Tanah, Ngarak Penganten Sunat, fishing, freshwater fish farming, gardening, trading and tradional cooking and foods. Such tasty local culinary include sayur asem, sayur lodeh, soto mie, soto babat, halibut, local beer pletok, jus belimbing, kerak telor, laksa, toge goreng, dodol, tape uli, geplak, and wajik.

Developed as a “Cultural, Water, and Agro Tourism” area, the Betawi Culture Village has a beautiful and attractive natural environment which is rare in the hustle and bustle of Jakarta. It boasts two natural lakes, Setu Babakan and Setu Mangga Bolong, which are surrounded by the green and shady fruit trees native to the Betawi areas, such as harps, starfruits, rambutans, sapodillas, melinjos, papayas, bananas, guavas, jackfruits, and namnams. These trees grow on the people’s front yards, or next to and among the houses. The lakes and trees are among tourists’ major attractions for both local and internationals.

Tourism Potential

As mentioned above, as a tourism site for locals and foreigners, the Betawi Cultural Village offers facilities and attractions. Here, tourists can enjoy three appealing tourist lures at once namely: Cultural Tourism, Water Tourism, and Agro Tourism.

Spending a day at the Betawi Cultural Village we can experiencing the residents’ hospitality, unique community activities, mesmerizing traditional lifestyles and beautiful natural environments. The combination of such elements makes tourists more comfortable to linger in the Betawi Cultural Village. For longer visits, such as research, education, recreation, and training, visitors can stay at the residents’ homes.

Administrative Status

Betawi Cultural Village is a development program of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government (Governor Dedicated Program) in order to fulfill mandate of the 1945 Constitution (Article 32 Paragraph 1 and 2) and Law No. 29 / 2007- Chapter V / Article 26 Paragraph 6, which states:

“The Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta preserves and develops the culture of Betawi community and protects various other cultures within the Province of DKI Jakarta “

By Definition

Betawi Cultural Village is a place in Jakarta where Betawi lifestyle and traditions can be witnessed, observed and enjoyed in the form of preserved environment, community, traditions, culture and others. It is also meant to be the sources of information and documentation of Betawi culture

(Technology Institute of the University of Indonesia (Lemtek UI), Betawi Cultural Institute (LKB) & Betawi Consultative Body (Bamus Betawi) – 1998)

Vision of Jakarta Tourism & Culture Agency

To establish Jakarta as a tourists and cultural destination with international standard


For the Government:

“To preserve Betawi Culture as an effort to promote the nation’s cultural identity and diversity, and to serve as educational facility and cultural asset as well as a source of foreign exchange”

For the Community :

“To enhance knowledge and appreciation of Betawi Culture as well as a place for educational, recreational and entertainment purpose”

Description/Facts of Betawi Cultural Village

  1. Name : Betawi Cultural Village
  2. Topic : Implementation of Betawi traditional heritage and architecture
  3. Theme : Preservation of Betawi natural environments, arts and culture
  4. Property type : Real asset
  5. Ownership : DKI Jakarta Province and Public / Private
  6. Implementor : Government and Public/Private
  7. Location : Setu Babakan & Mangga Bolong, Srengseng Sawah Subdistrict
  8. Land Area : 64 hectares (ha)/1998, 165 ha/2001; Final 289 ha/Regional Regulation No. 03/2005
  9. Land Owners :
  • DKI Jakarta: 84.5 ha [30%] :
    • Water Resources Agency: ± 64 ha
    • Tourism & Culture Agency: ± 5.5 ha
    • Forestry, Park & Cemetery Agency: ± 15 ha
  • Locals = 204.5 ha [70%]
  1. Planing permit: Building Coverage Ratio = 30%; Floor Coverage Ratio = 3x land area; water absorption region
  2. Zoning:
    • Embryo Zone = 4091 M2 → Initial/core area of PBB for cultural performances, arts, training, and socialization
    • Zone A = 3.2 ha → Preservation & development training area, formal cultural performances;
    • Zone B = 0.37 ha → Culinary and Batik Betawi area;
    • Zone C = 3.3 ha → Replicas of Betawi Traditional Houses (Plaza, Resort and Museum)
    • Zone for infrastructure and facilities development = 1.5 ha
    • Dynamic zone = 11 Community Activity Centers, education, training & Informal conservation.