Jampe Betawi is an oral text that combines a variety of vocabulary with a choice of words that emphasize sounds or rhymes. This oral text is believed to have special features because its users use it for various needs, including for curing illness, expelling evil spirits, and succeeding in business. Because of its function, jampe are typically read by certain people, such as shamans and traditional elders.

Some sources say that Jampe Betawi is actually very rich in literature values. The recitation of jampe by the shaman not only emits a magical aura that heals the sick, but the intonation and way of reading also has its own peculiarities so that the situation creates a literary stage. Jampe may be said to be one of the earliest types of oral literature because of its usefulness to the public.

Here’s an example of jampe (jampe for treating mumps):

Nene unduk-unduk

Kaki unduk-unduk

Ada daging mengungsir

Daging mengungsir uda kaga

Ada daging si kapes-kapes

Si kapes-kapes uda kaga

Pes limpes urip wares

Sengidu putih

Yah, ora apa-apa


Source: Various Sources