Gangsing or Gasing (tops spinning/torblade) has been around since the 1950s. At present, there is an organization that oversees this game called PERGASI (Persatuan Gasing of Indonesia). The number of players is not restricted. The more people joining, the more interesting it becomes. This game is still played today. There is even game competitions for this. There are two types of gangsing competitions which are put into competitions nation-wide, namely:

  • Gangsing jenis jantung
  • Gangsing jenis berembang

Play ground :

Outdoor/Indoor – a circle with diameter of 0.5 – 1 meter is created.


It needs gangsing, which is made of sour tree trunks, guava, or sapodilla. Such fruits are cone-shaped and are given small nail pieces at the lower end. The rope is used as a tool for throwing tops.

How to play :

  • Gangsing Angonan

Each player’s gangsing which turns and stops near the circle line is declared failed. Because of that, other players are allowed to attack the losers’ gangsing with their respective gangsing and try to drive the loser’s out of the circle. The losing player must try to put the gangsing back into the circle. If she/he succeeds, the game must go back to square one.

  • Gangsing Ambilan

Each player will put one gangsing in a circle. After the draw is held, all players put their gangsing in the circle. The starting player then is allowed to first hit the gangsing pile with her/his own gangsing. If she/he succeeds in driving out any gangsing of the circle, then that particular gangsing becomes hers/his.

  • Gangsing Cocogan

Each player puts her/his secondary gangsing in a circle. Then, she/he must be able to remove the gangsing from the circle with the main gangsing. However, while that player tries to get the gangsing out of the circle, other players attack the secondary gangsing inside the circle. If the secondary gangsing’s material is not strong, it will break. The one breaks the opponent’s gangsing will be declared the winner.