Mask (Topeng)

Mask in Betawi language have three meanings: face covering, theater or performance, and prima donna or dancer. The Mask discussed here is the theater performance.

Initially the Mask (Topeng) performance did not use the stage but was performed on the ground. If the Mask association held a performance, the property used was only colen or three branched oil lamps and the costume cart which was placed at the center of the arena. Under these conditions, players and spectators are not restricted by any curtains or decorations. Scene change is done by circling the colen.

Mask performances are accompanied by the mask music, which comprise of elements such as rebab, kromong tiga, large drum, kulanter, kempul, kecrek, and gong buyung. The songs typically played are from the suburb areas of Jakarta. The names of the songs include: Kang Aji, Sulamjana, Lambangsari, Enjot-enjotan, Ngelontang, Glenderan, Gojing, Lifeboats, Oncom Lele, Buah Kaung, Rembati, Lipet Gandes, Ucing-Ucingan, Gegot, Gapleh, Karantang, Bombang, and others.