Silat Tiga Berantai

Silat Tiga Berantai’s origin is from the historical figure of Jakarta, Prince Jayakarta. Silat Tiga Berantai consists of three streams: the Tiger, the Shoot, and the Rubber.

The Tiga Berantai martial arts, which literally means three chains, are taught in a center founded by H. Achmad Bunawar (H. Mamak) in 1974.

The Tiger is the martial arts owned and inherited by Prince Jayakarta. Its characteristic is claw attack with a strong base of deep power. In battle, claws are used to attack the enemy’s weak points, such as the eyes and throat.

The Shoot is the science of martial arts inherited by Prince Sugiri, a relative of Prince Jayakarta. His trademark is to use the palm of both hands with a firm body position and strong stance. An open palm blow and deep energy is carried out quickly and repeatedly with both arms hitting each other, giving a sound.

The Rubber is an amalgamation of various streams. The character of the movement is fast and hard and has a variety of attacks and diverse movements.

With rich martial arts inheritance, it is not surprising that Tiga Berantai is a well-respected martial arts center. Tiga Berantai, which is among the initiator of the Indonesian Pencak Silat Association, often brings masters to the domestic and foreign pencak silat tournaments and has scored many champions.

National champions of the art category from Tiga Berantai, such as Eko Wahyudi and Uwais Qorni (Iko Uwais), often received invitations to perform at the international martial arts event, or event held by the Interfaith Silat Alliance. Even this type of martial arts was used by Iko Uwais in the international world with martial arts displayed in his Hollywood films.

Source: Various Sources