Silat Cingkrik

Silat Cingkrik (Cingkrik martial arts) is one of approximately 300 Betawi martial arts schools. Silat Cingkrik can be found in Rawa Belong area, West Jakarta. Cingkrik Goning and Cingkrik Sinan are two Cingkrik branches that still survive today. Both are attributed to the names of the inheritors, Engkong Goning and Engkong Sinan.

The main character of this martial arts lies on the takedown or slamming techniques. Cingkrik Goning, for example, has 80 slamming techniques. The successors of Engkong Goning and Engkong Sinan continue and pass on this martial arts to the next generation. The heir of Cingrik Goning is Tb. Bambang Sudradjat who trains students at the Taman Mini Indonesia Pencak Silat Headquarter. While Cingkrik Sinan continues in Rawa Belong and its surroundings. The current prominent successor is Bang Bachtiar.

Source: Various Sources