Silat Beksi

Centers for learning Silat Beksi are mostly located in South Jakarta (Ulujami, Kp Sawah, Petukangan, Kebayoran Lama) and Tangerang (Kreo, Pisangan, Ciledug, Ciputat, Bintaro, Pamulang, Kampung Utan). Beksi name is believed to come from Chinese word, Bie Sie. Bie means defense and Sie means four, so Beksi means four corners of defense.

In addition, there are several sources that interpret Beksi as an acronym for ‘Serve yourself to your fellow beings’. This is an appeal for the application of good deeds that must be followed after someone has studied Beksi.

Silat Beksi is a martial art that combines art, beauty, accuracy, strength, speed and dynamism in tactical movements and strikes. All of the above are combined and arranged neatly through variety of stances, attacks, punches, and  hard elbows. This pattern distinguishes Beksi martial arts from others.

In Beksi martial arts, there are moves that have their own characteristics. Beksi moves are famous for punches and kicks that are hard, fast, and aimed to places that impact the opponent’s body. Before learning Beksi moves, students usually follow the terms of student acceptance called Rosulan or Ngerosul, i.e activities or rituals in the form of tawasul accompanied by tahlil as prayer to Allah. This is so that during the learning process, one can be given ease, strength, fortitude and patience.

There are many movements that stomp on the floor, called gedig and very fast hand movements. Therefore it is recommended to glare and not to blink in anticipation of the opponent’s motion.

In addition to movements of hands and feet, sharp weapons lessons are also given, namely the skills of machete. Machete on Beksi martial arts consists of two moves, one and two machete moves. There are also Beksi centers that teach moves using a stick or toya.

Machete one is broken down further into one move to seven moves. While machete two is divided into two moves, namely move one and two. The combination of both bare hands and machete is very important in Beksi so that various moves can be created. It takes process, perseverance, motivation and patience to be able to learn Beksi martial arts.

Source: Various Sources