Rebana Hadroh

Rebana Hadroh is a kind of tambourine that measured around 25-35 cm, bigger than Ketimpring tambourine. In the body of the tambourine, three circular metal plates are installed which function as kecrek (to rattle to produce sound effects). This tambourine consists of three instruments which positions and functions are somewhat similar, namely: Bawa (function as command), Ganjil/Seling (accompanist), and Gedug (accompanist). Bawa, which functions as a rhythm command, blows more closely while Ganjil/Seling completes the former. Gedug functions is similar to bass. Apart from functioning as entertainment at a wedding reception, Hadroh was played to enliven the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad.

Rebana Hadroh’s songs were taken from the poem Diiwan Hadroh and Addibaai. What is unique about the Rebana Hadroh show is Adu Zikir. In Adu Zikir, there are two groups which alternately deliver the poem Diiwan Hadroh. The winning group is generally the one who can memorize the poem better