Saga / Tale (Hikayat)

In general, classical Betawi literature (which is still in the form of a manuscript or handwriting), tells the story of saga or tale that comes from local and non-local literary treasures. The locals are usually sourced from stories of the shadow puppet (wayang) world, like the tale of Wayang Arjuna, the tale of the origin of Wayang, and Lakon Jaka Sukara. Non-local sources are from Middle Eastern stories, such as the tale of Asyik, the tale of Merpati Mas and Merpati Perak, and the tale of Sutan Taburat.

The manuscript as mentioned above was copied by Muhammad Bakir at the end of the 19th century. The manuscript of Bakir’s work was written in Jawi script or often called bald Arabic. Bakir produced no fewer than 60 manuscripts. Most of the manuscripts were stored abroad such as at Leningrad-Russia, Holland and England.

Source: Various Sources