Embryo of Betawi Cultural Center

Betawi Cultural Village is the embryo of Betawi cultural center that preserves the ethnicity’s traditions – covering religious, cultural and arts – all contained within a well-conserved nature. On 15 September 2000, former Jakarta’s governor, Sutiyoso and some Betawi figures formally kicked off the development of the Betawi Cultural Village.

Land area used at that time was around 4,000 m2. At that time, four buildings were built; an open theater, a Betawi traditional house, Wisma Betawi, and Bang Pitung Gate 1.

This Embryo Zone was inaugurated for an initial use on 20 January 2001.

Some time later, the management office, musholla, and then gallery (currently a meeting room) were also built.

It is unfortunate that the open stage has been dismantled because the land is used for other purpose by the owner.