Kebaya / Bapang House

Another type of Betawi Traditional house is the Kebaya House or also known as Bapang House. Kebaya house and Warehouse house can be distinguished from each other by the shape of the roof. The shape of the roof of Kebaya house is left and right, while the shape of the roof of a Warehouse house is front and back, even though both have the same saddle pattern.

Unlike Betawi Warehouse or Stilt house, Kebaya house always takes the form of a square or a rectangular. The shape of the roof also has several pairs of roofs, which makes it looks like a fold of kebaya (traditional blouse dress), which eventually becomes the origin of the name Kebaya House.

One of the distinctive features of Kebaya House is that it has a spacious porch that serves to receive guests or as terrace for family members to relax. This terrace is also surrounded by a small fence with distinctive motif. There is also a small staircase made of bricks as an entrance to the porch of the house.