Wak Wak Kung



How to play:

Two players, who will later become Hen and Ulung (eagle), are collecting “chicks” by forming a “tunnel”. They face each other as they hold and raise each other’s hands. The “chicks” line up and held each other’s shoulders, and go in and out the so-called tunnel. Simultaneously, they jointly sing Wak-Wak Kung’s song :

Wak-wak kung nasinye nasi jagung

Lalapnya daon utan

Sarang gaok dipohon jagung

Gang … ging … gung …


Seleret daon delime

Pato klembing pate paku

Tarik belimbing

Tangkep satu

Pit ala’ipit

Kuda lari kejepit-sipit.

As the song stops, the two players “trap” one kid in the line. The caught player is given an offer in which she/he can choose to tail one of the “tunnel players” as a “chick”. Both of them will ask him/her symbolically, “Are you the moon or star?”

They do so until all kids in the line become “chicks” of the tunnel players.

The two players then do fingers counting or a local rock-paper-scissor game. The winner gets all kids of the loser. Here, the one with the chicks is called Hen while the other is called Ulung. Then, the hunt begins with the Ulung player tries to catch the chicks. If the Ulung can catch all of the chicks, she/he becomes the hen and the other player turns into the Ulung.