Tuk-Tuk Geni


Indoor or outdoor

How to play :

This game is usually played by girls. One of the players becomes “nenek gerondong” or poor grandma which will pull out “sweet potatoes”. The sweet potatoes are the other players who make a line by hugging each other. The most front player hug a firm pole. Before pulling out a “sweet potato”, the “grandma” and the “sweet potatoes” cite a song:


Sapa tu

Nenek Gerondong

Mau Minta Apa

Mau minta ubi

Baru daun 1

After the last verse, the “grandma” takes one of the “sweet potatoes” randomly. The “grandma” has to pull the target out of the line while the “sweet potatoes” have to keep their line unbreakable, which is the challenge!