Tok Kadal

In several regions, this game is called Kalawadi. This game appeared after some kids were shocked to see a lizard and hit it hard until the lizard jumped very far. These kids then reportedly made a game that resembles hitting the lizard.


Open field


The game requires tree branches of around 40 cm long with a diameter between 2.5-3 cm for beaters, another branch of around 10 cm as the lizard, and a hole with a diameter of approximately 5 cm – or two bricks/stones placed to each other with a distance around 5 cm. It is recommended to use branches of jackfruit trees or other stronger wood species.

How to play:

The game is played by 2 groups. The group leaders make a draw by doing fingers counting. The winning group can start the game and the losers become the guard. The winner kicks off the game by catapulting the lizard – the branch laid horizontally on the bricks – as high and as far as possible with a beater.

If the lizard is immediately caught by the guard group, the other group is considered “dead” and, thus, they have to switch roles. However, if the lizard is not caught, the guard should immediately take the lizard and toss it back to the beater. If it touches the beater, the groups switch roles. If not, the beating group continues to the second player. In the end, the group with more uncaught and untouched beats is the winner.