Hundreds of Tourists Watch the Performing Arts at the PBB Setu Babakan

Hundreds of tourists enthusiastically watched the Regular Art Performance, at Amphitheater Zone A, Betawi Cultural Village (PBB) Setu Babakan, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta.

The art performance, which starts at 14:00 to 17:00 every Sunday, features a variety of traditional Betawi performances, such as dance, music and lenong.

The Head of the¬†Betawi Cultural Village (UPK) Setu Babakan, Rofiqoh said, the art performers who appeared at the Regular Art Performance came from the Jakarta Tourism and Culture Office’s (Disparbud).

“This art performance is open to the public and free,” She said, Sunday (8/18).

Rofiqoh explained, the implementation of the Regular Art Performance was expected to be able to boost the number of tourist visits both domestic and foreign to Jakarta.

“We also give space for artists to perform, and at the same time we want to promote, introduce, and preserve Betawi culture to the wider community,” She said.

Reporter: Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing | Editor: Toni Riyanto

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