Main Karet

This game can be found in most of Betawi regions. As it develops, the game has many variations. Typically, this game is performed by girls.


Open space


Rubber bands that form a rope

How to play :

The game requires two in-charge players, apart from other players. The two in-charge players play a role as guards as they must hold each side of the rubber rope. Meanwhile, the other players will have to jump over the rubber. Basically, there are several variations of this game:

Karet Lompat

The mounting team stretches the rubber in height sequences as follows:

  • knee height (jumper must not touch rubber)
  • waist (jumper must not touch rubber)
  • navel
  • shoulder
  • ear
  • head
  • an inch above the head
  • open hand size (called “merdeka”)

Karet Puter

The game is done with in-charge players twirling rubber braided rope while other players must jump over the rope. Before playing, the players decide on how many rounds players must jump over the rubber. If anyone of them fails to reach the agreed number, the player is declared defeated.

Karet Yeye

The game is done with players twirling rope over her/his foot then jump over the remaining stretched rope. The player is defeated if the twirled rope is released from the foot while jumping. At a particular stage, the player must instead release the twirl while jumping.