Gundu / Kelereng

It is usually a game for boys aged 7-12 years from all levels of society. The number of players is not limited. It is useful for honing motoric skills as well as an entertainment. It is usually played during the day.


Open field



How to play :

Players draw a small circle on the ground. All players put a marble in the circle. Then, they stand about two meters from the circle to kick off a drawing. There is usually a line to mark their standing area. The drawing is done as alternately players throw another marble toward their existing marbles in the circle. Those whose marbles are the farthest from the circle may start the game.

The starting player must use marbles outside the circle – also called “attackers” – to get other marbles getting out the circle. If he succeeds in doing so, he may keep every marble that is flicked regardless the ownership.