The Old Betawi Culinary Exhibition will be held again on June 23rd, 2019 from 09.00 until completion. Various foods, drinks and typical Betawi fruits will be the main display for this activity. In addition to introducing Old and Rare Betawi Culinary Products to the people of Jakarta, as well as increasing appreciation and encouraging the use of Betawi Culinary Products for the DKI Jakarta Family Welfare Empowerment Team and National Craft Council, it will also involve the participation of the Betawi Cultural Village Community in introducing Betawi Culinary Products that will centered in Setu Babakan’s Zone A Betawi Cultural Village Area in South Jakarta.

The activity which is planned to be inaugurated by Mrs. Fery Farhati Ganis, as Chairwoman of the Jakarta Province Family Welfare Empowerment Team is an annual activity that continues to be held by the Betawi Cultural Village Management Unit, DKI Jakarta Tourism and Culture Office in addition to displaying various culinary began to be rarely seen from 6 areas of Jakarta, also promoting and preserving Betawi Culture in particular and the Betawi Cultural Village Area as one of the popular cultural tourism destinations in DKI Jakarta Province.

The Old Betawi Culinary Exhibition in addition to displaying 50 stands of Betawi culinary activists that are potential in the Betawi Cultural Village Area, will also be enlivened with the Betawi Culinary Cooking and Workshop Contest and entertainment on the display of Betawi arts. This workshop will present a demonstration of making from:

  • Dodol Betawi, Kembang Goyang, Kerak Telor
  • Cincau, Bir Pletok
  • Gulali, Rambut Nenek
  • Selendang Mayang, Kue Rangi, Kue Ape
  • Batik Betawi, Ondel Ondel Mini

The Betawi Museum, located in Zona A of the Betawi Cultural Village, will display the Old Culinary Illustration Exhibition which will provide another grid of information and descriptions of the Betawi Culinary in the form of Descriptions and Graphics.

For further information, please contact Ms. Henny on 0812 9911 1493.