The Betawi Silat Pencak Silat Festival will be held again by the Betawi Cultural Village Management Unit on Sunday, July 14, 2019 which aims to preserve, cultivate and develop one of the arts that is inseparable from the Betawi culture.
The opening ceremony which will be held at the Amphitheater Zone A Betawi Cultural Village Area will display the choreography attraction of the performance demonstration from the Pencak Silat College from 6 DKI Jakarta regions together. This activity also became a venue for friendship between Pencak Silat activists who will be attended by Maj. Gen. TNI (ret.) Eddie Marzuki Nalapraya, one of the leaders of Indonesian Pencak Silat.
In addition to the performance demonstration, this activity will also feature a competition which will be participated by 20 teams from various Betawi Silat Universities fighting for Cash and Trophy prizes which are divided into 4 (four) race categories:
1. Individual Men’s Kick Age 10-20 years
2. Women’s Individual Kick Ages 10-20 years
3. Mixed Team Kick Age 10-20 years
4. Double / Pair Men / Women Ages 10-20 years
Each participant will be judged by a Jury consisting of:
• Indonesian Pencak Silat Association (IPSI)
• Indonesian Betawi Tradition Silat Association (Astrabi)
• Betawi Cultural Institute (LKB)

The implementation of this activity is expected to be a forum for the preservation and development of pencak silat so as not to sink and lose competitiveness with foreign cultures.