One of the arts of Betawi culture that is almost forgotten by the community is Pantun. As a Malay traditional family, of course it is very familiar with what is called rhyme. Almost every region has its own unique rhyme, including also for the Betawi indigenous people. Betawi Betun has different features or features from other regions. The striking characteristic of the Betawi rhyme is the use of a distinctive Betawi language with poems that seem hilarious, spontaneous, and outspoken.

The purpose and objective of the activity which will be held on Sunday, July 14, 2019 is Introducing Betawi Pentecostal arts and Preserving Betawi Panthus Culture to the community, Increasing the appreciation of the community towards Betawi Pantun Culture and Growing Betawi Pantun Cultural Arts into the general public and especially junior and senior high school students or equivalent in the DKI Jakarta Province.

This activity will feature the Betawi Panty Contest with Cash and Trophy prizes for the work of each participant that is adjusted to the theme of the pantun determined by the Committee. Contestants will be divided into 7 (seven) Categories:

Putra Tema Pantun SLTP individuals: Environment, Culture, Setu Babakan
Putri Tema Junior High School Individual: Environment, Culture, Setu Babakan
Individual High School Putra Tema Pantun: Culture, Love, Setu Babakan
Individual High School Princess Theme Pantun: Culture, Love, Setu Babakan
General Individual Pantun Theme: Advice, Humor, Setu Babakan
Putra Tema Pantun SLTA Group: Culture, Love, Setu Babakan
Princess SLTA Group Pantun Theme: Culture, Love, Setu Babakan
One of the members of the Competition Jury is Zahrudin, the Raje Pantun Betawi. Together with elements of Betawi cultural institutions and institutions. The festival will be centered in the Zone A Betawi Cultural Village Area.

“Buy fish, mackerel fish … Not eaten by cats

We must idolize our own culture … don’t be proud of foreign culture ”

Zahrudin, 1500 Betawi Pantun.