Double-decker Bus (Bus Tingkat)

Double-decker bus, locally known as Bus Tingkat, consisted of two decks to carry more passengers. They used to serve several routes in Jakarta, including Senen in Central Jakarta – Blok M in South Jakarta, Blok M – Pulo Gadung in East Jakarta, and Blok M – Kota in West Jakarta.

However, such buses were then called out from Jakarta’s roads because of non-compatibility with the ever changing road system situation. Bus Tingkat also exceeded height limit of underpasses in Jakarta. Their old engines also easily caused flammability. In addition, compared to other similar vehicles, these buses moved more slowly on roadways. Passengers with special needs also found difficulty to get to the second deck. The double-decker bus is no longer used as commercial public transportation in Jakarta, but for city tours, cafe or boutique.


Source: Various Sources