In around 1950s, Becak or pedicab was one of the primadonas of transportation in Jakarta. Getting around with becak was the best way to enjoy Jakarta, as passengers can immediately look around the city without being blocked by the rider. However, you cannot enjoy the scenery while chatting with your travelling partner because of the noise from the roads.

As time went by, becak were often blamed for one of the main causes of Jakarta’s congestion. It was because becak moved much slower than other vehicles. The noise and various exhaust odors on the road made passengers exposed to air pollution daily. Travelling around the city with becak also became uncomfortable. In addition, as the capital becoming more crowded with other vehicles, becak was slowly left out. Becak was then banned from operating in Jakarta as it was also considered to push for human exploitation.

Nowadays, this three-wheeled transportation can only be found in festivals and celebrations, for instance, in the Independence Day celebration on August 17.