Balap Karung

This game has been around since the Dutch era, where it was generally carried out on events and celebrations. In the past, this game was generally only done in elementary schools and villages. Nowadays, this game is even played in many office events. Balap Karung or sack race is played by various groups of all ages.

Play ground :

Plot of land extending around 20 meters with widths of 3-4 meters divided into 4 or 5 lanes.


Rice sacks with sizes according to players’ postures.

How to play :

The rule of playing it is up to the players as long as their feet stay in the sack. There are players who jump up and down with two legs, or walk slowly and even run. The most frequently used way is jumping. Players may not bump into or block each other. Because this game exposes funny gestures of the players, laughter often occurs among players and spectators while players are trying hard to win.